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However it used to be a simple matter to simply visit your local mechanical garage, service station, automotive factory dealer or even a big box large retail store. The summary is that now is the time to take your vehicle with its air conditioning system, for a routine inspection and testing at a reputable and accredited automotive repair facility ' be it a garage, service station or automotive factory outlet where they have the trained accredited staff and proper R410 refrigerant tubes equipment, as well as the luxury of time to inspect your auto's air conditioning system and bring it back to snuff it need be ' all long before the hot sweltering summer. Not so today. The process was to add additional air conditioning refrigerant to your sealed air conditioning system ' much like you would add air, from a service station or auto dealer's compressor air hose, simply to pump up your tire to adequate and safe vehicle tire air pressures. Refrigerant fluid leaks out, what is left begins to boil or vaporize. There is not enough refrigerant to complete the system, as if it a flow of liquid in a constant and regular ongoing cycle. Why roast in the hot summer weather in your care when you can be safely driving in comfort? Take the time to visit your garage, service station or auto dealer now. It used to be ' the key word is 'used to be' as in the past, not the present, a most simple matter and procedure for a 'top up' of air conditioning refrigerant. Now is the time and season for routine servicing or your air conditioning system of your vehicles ' be they cars, trucks, vans or S. Looked another or alternate way, the problem and situation can be understood by considering what happens to the air conditioning system as it would operate with a steady and continuous leak. It's all very similar to a pop bottle being left open and the fizz disappearing. With concerns about the Ozone layer and layers high up in the atmosphere and the knowledge that loose fluoro-hydrocarbons in the atmosphere (in this case your evaporated and released air conditioning fluids), this is all a very different and very serious matter.