Next when it comes necessary to apply

Tuesday 7 July 2020

As well avoid applying heat to any refrigerant line or storage container. Summer is just around the corner.U. R410 refrigerant tubes On top of that, it is advisable if at all possible to use either tube or line wrenches when tightening 'flare 'nut fittings.. Your eyes are a most precious gift, resource and tool to anyone working on and working with automotive vehicles Always wear eye protection when working with and on auto air conditioning systems. If so equipped and that all fittings throughout the system are snugly connected. First of all avoid contact with charged refrigeration systems, even when working on another part of the vehicles air conditioning system or vehicle. To do so is to risk large fines, your mechanics license and accreditation and of course your reputation and livelihood. What basic steps and precautions should and must be employed when it comes to being around as well as working on hardware machinery parts these automotive air conditions be it car, truck, van or S. A physician should be consulted. So will be summer heat and breakdowns of automotive air conditioning systems ' perhaps either yours or those of other motorists and vehicle owners. It is always best and wise practice and now indeed not allowed and illegal according to the rules of most states and regions not to ever discharge an air conditioning system merely by loosening a fitting or removing service valves. It's not just as easy to work on an automotive air conditioning system as 'opening the fridge'. What used to be standard practice years and years ago in the automotive trade is now simply not allowed and illegal on top of that. It's no accident that often the work of repair of auto air conditioners is left to highly trained specialists. Accidents can happen in a flash when working on air conditioning systems. This way both you and your customers will be happily and safely driving down the roads and highways in cool air conditioned comfort. However never ever allow a refrigerant storage container to sit out in the sun, much like you are careful never to leave over inflated tires in a similar situation. Summer time is coming. This is especially and evens more true and an inherent danger if the part or component is under direct pressure. If frostbite does occur, it should be treated by first warming the area with cool water, and then gently applying petroleum jelly. For example if a heavy tool comes into contact with a section of copper tubing or a heat exchanger it can easily cause the relatively soft and even fragile material to rupture. Finally make it a solid point always to wear protective goggles when working on an air conditioning system. Lastly two points. Next when it comes necessary to apply force to a fitting which contains refrigerant, such as when checking and verifying that all securely tightened , be sure to make it a practice and indeed habit to use a solid wrench on both parts of the fitting involved, well at least to how much is both practical in the situation or possible.